Angel's shuttle service LLC

Angel's shuttle service LLC

Angel's shuttle service LLCAngel's shuttle service LLCAngel's shuttle service LLC

Airport taxi service

Taxi service in Wilmington NC, Medical transportation, Shuttle service, CourierService

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We are now doing deliveries for those that do not want to be out, call to get all the details of this service.

We would love to have soon pictures of our clients to add to our pages. 

The phones will always work 910-796-8956

Call us for taxi service in Wilmington NC  if you need airport taxi service or medical transportation

Convenience of A Wilmington Taxi

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  Trust Angel's Taxi LLC for fast and reliable transportation. Our Wilmington taxi service offers round the clock transportation to local and far destinations, we will transport any where that you need to go. We also offer a fast and reliable airport taxi service. We offer a smoke-free service, medical transportation keep our vehicles clean, (The cars are cleaned after each shift (washed and vac weather permitting). We take pride in our appearance. we never charge surcharges, we will book trips as far ahead of time as the client need us to. We do random drug testing and for your convenience, our rates are extremely affordable. 

 We Are Here for You  I guarantee our service to be on time for your time call or your ride is free. 

Our honest and reliable staff has more than 28 years of industry experience. Also, we are on the airport directory for taxis. For your convenience, we accept Visa™, MasterCard™, Discover, American express, cash and Paypal.  

At night we do not leave the clients in the dark we wait till the doors are open before we leave.
The drivers must help load the bags in and out of the cars and if the clients want we will take them to the door.  

Our cars are set up with cameras to keep an eye in side and out side of the car for driver and passenger safety.  
They are also set up with tracking systems so we can track the cars movements. We will give a temporary login to parents and family members to track there kids and elderly family members if they like.     

Contact our taxi service in Wilmington, North Carolina, for transportation around town and our quick airport shuttle.

Now a little about me

I am now the primary owner of Angel’s taxi LLC.

I started driving taxi in June of 1992. I had been working for General Electric for 9½ years, I was tired of working shift work for 7 ½ years and straight gravy yard for 2 years in a factor that I could not make the bills or have time with my family. I left GE to become a locksmith and drove taxi to supplement my income and found that I liked the taxi business just as much as locksmithing so I combined the two so I could drive taxi and unlock cars the right way. I liked meeting people from all over the world and having more freedom to work more flexible hours for myself. I drove for a number of companies in the Wilmington NC area that had drivers with drug or alcohol issues and I did not want to get the same reputation, so in December of 2007 I saw that Angel’s taxi was up for sale made an inquiry about it and closed on it in January 2008. I know I had my work cut out for me, it had a bad reputation. I cleaned house and started over from scratch, with my old clients and the one I kept from the buy out. I got to work setting up a website, emails, toll free and local phone numbers.

I was told that we would not last 6 months by the big companies. It has been over 10 years and we are still hear and already looking to grow as permits come available. We are still a small company that is giving most other companies in our area a run for there money and having them wondering how we made it. I think I will let them keep wondering how we did it.

If you have a problem or would like to make a comment good or bad about Angel’s Taxi you can do so at 910-796-8956

Traveling with children? We have infant, high back booster and youth booster seats.

(We do not keep these seats in the cabs; they are used by reservation only).


 Angel's Taxi and Shuttle service                                                                         Phone: 910-796-8956

Wilmington, NC                                                                                                            Text: 910-836-6597                                                                                                      Fax: 910-799-5957